About Me

My name is Meritha and I am a Dutch freelance translator with an MA in both Art and Culture Sciences (EUR) and Translation in Theory and Practice (UCL). I lived in the UK for twelve years and relocated to Switzerland in August 2013. In addition to translating, proofreading and editing I taught Translation part-time at a London university and Dutch language and culture at Basel University. In January 2019 I moved back to the UK and currently I am living with my husband in London. We are the proud parents of two teenage daughters who both study at UCL. I teach Dutch language again and I love to read and immerse myself into culture whenever I can. I like running and exploring my new surroundings.

My translation career had a very cautious start in 2000 when I worked as a freelance copy writer. Since then I have ventured out into different areas, and slowly but surely translation ambitions surpassed writing ambitions. In 2009 I decided it would be valuable to formalize this with a degree in Translation. In the last six years my translating career has been developing and moving forward at a steady pace. Nevertheless I realised that I was surrounded by other translators whose careers were not only expanding, but also deepening as they quickly picked up on the effective use of new media for their profession. If I wanted to keep up with them I had to drastically change my professional profile. By writing this blog I will encourage myself to systematically orchestrate this transformation. At the same time I hope that it will inspire others who have struggled to keep abreast of market developments to react and do as I have done: make an honest assessment and adapt accordingly to fit your professional aspirations.

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